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Quality Control

Quality Control Team, prioritizing satisfaction of clients above all else

Execution under KVGMP (Quality Control Standard for Superior Animal Medicine)
DaOne Chemical Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to development of livestock and fishery industry by producing and providing high quality animal medicine. As such, DaOne Chemical is abiding by every single regulatory clause of KVGMP’s Quality Control Standard for Superior Animal Medicine in every phase of its working process, including receipt of materials, inspection and storage, production process, packaging process, product warehousing and shipping.
Human Recources for Quality Control
DaOne Chemical’s Quality Control team is not only engaged in controlling the quality of products but is also striving to develop new products and further improve the quality of original products. With its experience and expertise in quality control for over 10 years, DaOne Chemical would devote itself to developing and improving its products in order to fulfill expectations of its clients.
Status of Assets for Quality Control
1. Equipment Analysis Room : HPLC, AAS, UV/Vis Spectrophotometers
2. Main Laboratory : Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber, Centrifugal Separator, Viscometer, Ultrasonic Shaker,     Circulating water bath, Heated-Air Dryer, Distilling unit, Ultra turrax, Autoclave, pH-meter
3. Microorganism Test Room : Clean bench, Incubator, Zone reader, Microscope etc.