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Company Introduction

Sincere Welcome to DaOne Chemical Co., Ltd.'s Website
DaOne would like to deeply thank all our customers who have always encouraged us through your deep love and continuous patronage.

Ever since our founding in 1969, we have been devoted to development and production of superior veterinary pharmaceutical products, based on our accumulated technology and experiences.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that will allow us to become leaders in the 21 st century, we shall meet expectations and fulfill the trust bestowed upon us by our customers, by both fulfilling our social duty as an enterprise and specializing as well as substantiating our current foothold in the domestic industrial area. We have also expanded our area to global markets, exporting to over 15 countries around the world.

Additionally, we are participating in new aspect of the industry that would serve as the basis for us to leap forward into the future.

In this period of unpredictable, global changes, DaOne will not only contribute to overall health of mankind as well as the future of livestock industry but will also repay the trust and love we received from our customers, by providing the highest quality and service, becoming the [best enterprise in every aspect] and [the enterprise wanted by all customers] as we would place concerns of our customers before the company's profits.

Thank you

From Daone chemical employees