Research & Development

R&D Field

In order to be proactive in ever changing local and global livestock industry,
DaOne Chemical Co., Ltd. is focusing all of its resources to development of new products that would enhance livestock productivity and prevent livestock disease.
The subject of its focus also includes bio medicine and eco-friendly disinfectant that would prevent Infectious livestock disease of livestock disease

  • Enhancement of Productivity
    (Veterinary/Aquaculture Drugs)

    Develop functional fadditive
    enhancing nutritional effectiveness
    and quality of our products,
    which has a high utility for animal

  • Prevent of Livestock Disease
    (Natural Antibiotics Substitutes,
    Environment Improving Agents)

    Thru co-research with our partners,
    develop and commercialize new products
    such as natural alternative to antibiotics and environment improving agents.

  • Development of
    Natural Disinfectant

    Research for contributing to non-
    proliferation and preveting cotagious
    disease under national control such as
    Foot-and-Mouth disease and Ai.