About DaOne

Management Philosophy

DaOne Chemical Co., Ltd.’s management philosophy rests on the principle of three 3T(Trust, Together, Tomorrow). It embodies the will to flourish together with its clients by producing future-oriented, high-quality, innovative products as well as the will to rely on its foundation of trust management in order to satisfy its clients. DaOne Chemical Co., Ltd. will strive to become the leading company in eco-friendly pursuit in livestock industry by endlessly challenging itself as well as through creative and continuous R&D, thus generating future-oriented product lines and contributing to the production of safe, high quality veterinary drugs and other livestock related products.

  • Self-Trust,
    Trust among employees,
    Trust with clients

    DaOne Chemical,
    with trust at Its core,
    will embark on trust based
    management in order to satisfy
    its clients in terms of material
    supply and product manufacturing
  • For Happiness in Tomorrow
    rather than difficulties in Today,
    For Tomorrow that is better than Today,
    For Tomorrow to become another Today

    DaOne Chemical, as a leading company in
    eco-friendly pursuit in livestock
    industry, will work towards better
    tomorrow and better future,
    prioritizing mankind's health over all else.
  • Flourishing Together in terms of both
    quality and quantity,
    Together in Growth and Sharing,
    Together in sharing satisfaction with its clients

    DaOne Chemical will strive to develop
    upgraded products in terms
    of their quality through incessant research
    and continuous investment in R&D,
    so that the nature, animals and
    mankind can all benefit from our works.