About DaOne

Partner company

Genebiotech Co. Ltd.

Genebiotech is a venture enterprise, utilizing eco-friendly biotechnology to research/develop biological resources that could be widely used in areas such as agricultural, food and medicinal fields. Specializing in production of fermented products, Genebiotech was founded in 2000 and possesses 17 registered/applied patents. It has engaged itself in multiple government funded research projects and has a wide range of unique, distinguished products. Genebiotech has founded its local subsidiary, Nutraferma Inc. in US, which now is the sole company that produces more than 10,000 tons of functional peptide annually.

GL PharmTech Corp.

Specializing in development of medicine applied with unique delivery technology and as well as development of newly enhanced natural/synthetic medicine, GL PharmTech is a pharmaceutical company focusing on development of improved version of marketed drugs, drawing resources from its outstanding formulation & development technology. Founded in 2002, GL PharmTech has provided more than 50 pharmaceutical companies in Korea with value-added drug formulations and delivery technologies for generic and improved version of marketed drugs. DaOne Chemical is cooperating on research projects with GL PharmTech to create synergy that would open up new, promising era in animal medicine as well as livestock treatment drug industry.

Nutraferma Inc.

Nutraferma has been operated as a head quarter of global business since 2007 based on the USA for a concrete global market of fuctional ingredients and additives under the novel technology of Genebiotech to provide over 10,000MT a year into global market.